How do i access my Hosting Control Panel?

To access your control panel, there are two ways.

The most popular method is using the URL to your Directadmin Control Panel. Direct Admin is the type of control panel interface and can be located using your domain url and adding the port 2222. So for example which will redirect you to the control panel server url. For example this may redirect to server

Take note of the server name as this will be the server you login to every time.

Where do i find my control panel login information?

See your Hosting Welcome email when you signed-up, it contains all your hosting information. If you have deleted or lost this email you may find it when you login to the Client Portal and click on Email History under your name.

You can also get the server name when viewing your hosting product from the Client Area.

The Easy Peasy Method!

The alternative method which alows you to just forget about the url, login and password is to access the Control Panel directly from the Client Area Dashboard. To login to your Control Panel from the Client Area goto Services > My Services, then click on your Service (your Hosting Package) and then at bottom you will find a button in the center called "Login to DirectAdmin", clicking on that will redirect you to your Control Panel and log you in.


*Note if you have changed your password from the Control Panel this will not work. You need to re-sync your password with the Client Portal. We always recommend changing the password from the Client Portal. (click on Change Password tab from the Product in order to do this.

The Even Easier Method!

Now if you dont even want to bother using the conventional Control Panel at all you can now manage almost every aspect of your hosting directly from the Client Area Dashboard, as in the previous method goto Services > My Services and click on your Hosting Product and you will see all the control panel options from within the Bluebird Client Portal Dashboard.

See this Blog post for more information

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